The full Blue Moon rises on Friday, July 31, the second full moon this month. Astrologers say that its coincidence with Aquarius means that it's a time to express yourself authentically and make your dreams come true. NASA

On Friday at 6:43 a.m., EDT, the poetically named Blue Moon will rise, the second full moon in July. Although every month has a full moon, there hasn't been a second full moon in a month since August 2012, and there won't be another one until January 2018. The Maine Farmers' Alamanac coined the term in 1915 to describe the "extra" moon in a season with four instead of three full moons, according to Yahoo.

Although science says the moon may or may not look blue (if it does, it's due to particles in the air), and reduces the Blue Moon to a quirk in astral paperwork (the lunar cycle and 12-year calender aren't in synch), astrology has more to say about this rare-ish celestial event.

The Blue Moon's Motto: #YOLO

If you have personality traits that are holding you back from achieving your dreams, now is the time to think about how to break out of them, says Kate Rose at Elephant Moon. If you're feeling particularly creative, expansive and daring, it's because of the full Blue Moon rising in Aquarius.

In other words, it's now or never.

'The Party Moon' And The Moon Of Endings

The full Blue Moon coincides with the sun in Leo -- the sign of creative self-expression and fun -- so focus on being hopeful and having fun, says astrology expert Kelley Rosano. Some full moons invite you to take cover under your blankets, but the Blue Moon is the "party moon."

You'll reevaluate what matters to you, Rosano adds. The Aquarius full moon is about endings and will put you in "graduation mode." You might be ending a job or a relationship, or asking yourself if you should. In any case, authenticity is the byword: Be true to yourself and surround yourself with people who share your values.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Break free from your conditioning and see things from a unique and even eccentric, revolutionary perspective, says Molly Hall at About.com. Old habits die hard, but now is the time to try something different that reflects your style and beliefs.

And if partying or being a revolutionary isn't your mode right now, you're in the midst of necessary change, and the full moon could help you see clearly why change is important.