Blythe Danner (not pictured) defended her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow, calling the actress "brilliant." Here, Paltrow arrives at the 87th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California, Feb. 22. Reuters

Actress Blythe Danner defended her daughter, fellow actress Gwyneth Paltrow, in a recent interview in response to the public scrutiny she frequently receives. Paltrow runs a lifestyle blog, Goop, that often highlights the mother of two’s extravagant purchases and healthy lifestyle, earning her some skeptical criticism.

“I just think maybe people are overwhelmed," Danner 72, told People in the magazine’s upcoming issue. "They can’t understand how people could be so good at so many things.”

Not only did Danner say she does not think her daughter deserved the hate but she also shared her belief that her 42-year-old daughter is a skilled actress. "Not only is Gwyneth one of the most brilliant actresses in the world -- and I really am hoping she will do more of it when the kids get older -- but she is a successful businesswoman and she is a good cook. I think all of that overwhelms some people. I'm really proud of her. She handles herself well."

Paltrow most recently created a stir on the Internet when she participated in the New York Food Bank Challenge on April 9, purchasing peas, leafy greens, corn tortillas and sweet potatoes and posting the photo on Twitter. Many responded to the photograph of her and the groceries, calling her “spoiled” or “unrealistic.” But Danner doesn’t worry about the hate that Paltrow faces, calling her daughter “strong” and “thick-skinned.”

“She likes to say what she wants to say. I think it's great" Danner told People. "That’s one of the things I'm saying about getting older. I feel more liberated. I wasn't that way when I was younger."