bob saget reddit ama
Bob Saget, who visited the SiriusXM Studios on March 24, 2017 in New York City, held a Reddit AMA on Thursday to promote his new stand-up comedy special. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Comedian Bob Saget hosted a Reddit AMA on Thursday to promote his new stand-up special, “Zero To Sixty,” and the questions were very topical-- just not in the way he might’ve thought they would be.

The online event, which allowed fans to post questions for the guest host and then have him directly respond, brought out a lot of inquiries about his past acting gigs, including “Fuller House,” as well as past specials and some about his current one, but there were also quite a few that brought up the topic of sexual assault.

With this subject matter being at the forefront of people’s mind since the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the many allegations of others in the entertainment industry since, including comedian Louis C.K., it made sense that some people would use this as an opportunity to ask Saget his thoughts.

Well, they did, with several asking for his thoughts on some matters and also just asking him questions that they thought were funny, but might not have thought he’d actually answer.

However, he did. Some of his responses were meant to be humorous in nature, while others were meant to be more sincere.

Here are all of the questions and answers revolving around the topic of sexual misconduct during Saget’s Reddit AMA.

User Oranguthang: “Considering the odds of you being accused of sexual assault are beyond 100%, have you decided to preemptively cancel this special?”

Saget: “This special comes from a good place and I've always put my devils out there. I haven't acted them out. I wrote a book ‘Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian' and it has chapters like 'Relationships I'd Rather Not Talk About’ and ‘Things I Shouldn't Have Done.' -- Drinking and driving is something no one should do and I'm lucky nothing every happened where I hurt anyone 20 years ago and was not the smartest guy all the time. But I'm very proud of the special and I get your point which is kinda silly 'cause the special not to offend but to entertain.”

User Idleworker: “With all the accusations of sexual misconduct charges with comedians, I expected your name to come up, but it hasn't.

“Why is that? Is it because you are as good a guy as you look, or is a shallow grave a great way to keep a secret?”

Saget: “Because I have legally just changed my name to Connie Silverman.”

User myexguessesmyuser: “I guess the hot topic question to ask a famous and beloved actor and comedian is whether we will hear a sex scandal break about you in the future?”

Saget: “Only if the person won't get off of me after I tap out.”

User suaveitguy: “Can you separate the art from the artist? When you find out that you can't respect the person, can you still respect the art the same way?”

Saget: “That all seems to be changing now doesn't it? Once I got kind of known and was meeting people well known, relatives and friends may ask, ‘Is he or she nice?’ And I'd be like, ‘What's the difference, if they have talent and you like their work you don't have to have them as a friend.’ Right now, it'd be nice to see some general empathy and responsibility, and I think even on Twitter we are seeing it more by well known people who want to see human beings treated properly everywhere. Worried for all our kids the world hurting and de-evolving like this, but maybe it'll cause us all to take more responsibility and have more civlity.”

suaveitguy: “Why did Rodney like to flash his junk to anyone that he came across? Was it just a coincidence or carelessness? Since 90% of comics seem to share that experience, it sounds almost pathological.”

Saget: “I think he liked to keep it loose. We all have bag-gage. He was a good guy to me. And he never showed me his stuff, we just hung out and talked about comedy. He also helped my career putting me on his first young comedians HBO special with Sam Kinison, Louie Anderson, Rita Rudner, Bob Nelson, lotsa people.”