From the death of her mother to the repeated attempts by her family to get her into rehab, Bobbi Kristina Brown has had a tough year. So naturally, it's time for plastic surgery!

According to the renowned Star magazine, Krissy is planning on getting a nose job and a boob job!

Say whaaaa—?!

Yup! She's been consulting with her mother's friends to find out which doctors she should use.

The occasion appears to be her plan to start working on Tyler Perry's sitcom For Better or Worse. Perry was a good friend to the Houston family, and delivered a rousing farewell speech at the queen of pop's star-studded home going service, which was also attended by celebrities ranging from Kevin Costner to Clive Davis and Dionne Warwick.

The rumor is certainly not the first about Bobbi Kristina Brown and TV. Shortly after he mother passed away, there were rumors that she'd be getting much more than just a role in a Tyler Perry sitcom – she was also rumored to be getting her very own reality show, according to Radar.

The show, which appears to have been called off, was being done against her family's advice, according to Radar's source. In one meeting with the network, Bobbi appeared to be impaired, Radar wrote, and she reportedly slurred her words while saying, I will show the world I am NOT my mother and will NOT walk in her shoes down her path. She then continued, My mother was just normal, completely normal – someone who did normal things. She just listened to all the wrong people – and did the wrong things.

The show was said to feature B.K. Brown's romantic relationship with her unofficial adoptive brother, Nick Gordon, as well as Bobbi Kris's personal struggles with drugs and alcohol.

And back in April, the family even dangled the possibility of a music career to try to convince Bobbi Kristina to go to rehab (it didn't work). The family held an intervention for Bobbi Kristina Brown, and brought family friend and music producer Clive Davis along. Clive keeps telling Bobbi she needs to go to rehab, Star wrote, and that if she does, he'll help launch her music career.

So does the Tyler Perry role mean Bobbi Kristina's gone sober?

Probably not. The Tyler Perry walk-on role was worked out before the intervention, and it seems that a bigger entertainment debut – perhaps an album – was the reward for sobriety, not a Tyler Perry cameo. And after all, how sober do you really have to be to act for Tyler Perry?

So what do you readers think? Will she do okay, or will she embarrass herself? Might she have a future in the entertainment business, or should she lie low and try to avoid her mother Whitney's fate?