Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon.

Landon Brown, Bobbi Kristina Brown's half-brother on her father's side, spoke on the relationship between her and her unofficially adopted brother, Nick Gordon, and he didn't mince words. In fact, if we're not mistaken, he actually threatened Nick Gordon.

Shortly after landing in New York, Landon Brown, son of Bobby Brown and half brother to Bobbi Kristina, was asked by TMZ on camera (see video below) what he thought of the relationship between his little sister and Nick Gordon.

You should worry about me and Nick, he said, which sounds like a threat to us.

Why? What's that, you got beef? the paparazzi asked.

Realizing that he said something he maybe shouldn't have, he paused, and then said, My little sister is still a child.

And he of course isn't the only family member concerned about the relationship between Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon, who Whitney Houston unofficially adopted when he was 12 years old.

What they're doing is incestuous, Cissy Houston, Bobbi Kristina's grandmother and Whitney's mother, reportedly told a close friend, according to TMZ. They also wrote that Cissy feels her granddaughter has problems and Nick is taking advantage of her.

Of course, there could be another reason the family thinks Nick Gordon is up to no good: Bobbi Kristina Brown is set to inherit a lot of money. As Whitney Houston's only biological child, she's set to inherit the entire estate. Although how much that turns out to be is up for debate – Whitney had a very expensive lifestyle, and was reportedly deeply in debt by the time she passed away.

And that wasn't the first time Cissy has spoken out against the two. Shortly after Whitney's death, despite claims that Bobbi Kristina would be living with her family, Cissy was apparently pursuing legal action to have Nick Gordon evicted from the family home in Atlanta, where Whitney's children are both staying.

But that clearly didn't work, as the two are still living together -- and, according to the evidence available, happily – in the Atlanta home. Bobbi Kristina said that she just wanted to be alone with her brudder on her birthday, and apparently she's wanted to remain with him since then.

Bobbi Kristina indirectly addressed the incest talk earlier in a tweet -- or, actually, a retweet:


Landon Brown was also asked about his father, Bobby Brown, and his DUI troubles.

Why would my father be worried about going back to jail? Nah, my father's good, my father's awesome. Life happens, he replied.

Watch TMZ's interview with Landon Brown below: