A Massachusetts man suffered some vicious bite marks and scratches after being attacked by a bobcat as he entered his garage.

Robert Mundell Jr. said the bobcat ended up in his garage and pounced on him during the attack, which also injured his nephew, Reuters reported.

“I was bleeding all over the place,” Mundell told Reuters. “It wanted us bad. It obviously was rabid.”

The Brookfield, Mass., man said the bobcat bit and scratched him at least 30 times during the attack. He and his nephew were treated on Sunday for rabies. It’s unclear whether the animal had the disease, although the state Executive Office of Energy and Emergency affairs said the bobcat had been tested.

“It was on me in a split second,” Mundell told the Boston Globe, which has this photo of the man’s injuries. “I have bite marks in my eyelid, up my forehead. It scratched my back. I was bleeding like crazy.”

Mundell said the situation would have been more frightening if it was his wife who first entered the garage.

“It would have killed my wife,” he told the newspaper. “I know it would have.”

Following the attack on Mundell, the bobcat raced to the Masachusetts man’s front yard, where it bit Mundell’s nephew on the arm.

“I went and I don’t know what I did — I strangled it, I choked it,” he said.

After being attacked, Mundell and his 15-year-old nephew subdued the bobcat and shot it in the head, the Boston Globe said.

“I shot it twice just to make sure,” the 53-year-old man said. “I used everything I had to do it ... You don’t test it, you do it.”

Bobcats are occasionally seen in Brookfield but it is rare that they attack people, a article by Reuters said.

“This is completely out of character for a bobcat, even to be in the garage in the first place,” Tom French, assistant director for the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, told the Boston Globe. “It is completely consistent with an animal that may have rabies.”