• A body-cam of a police officer recorded the moment he was hit by a train 
  • Officer Andy Anderson was chasing a suspect when he didn't realize an incoming train
  • The officer survived, but suffered five broken ribs, a broken arm and a concussion

The body cam of a Georgia police officer captured his sudden brush with death after he was hit by a train in the line of duty last week.

Polk County Police Department officer Andy Anderson was chasing a suspect who fled into a wooden area near the train tracks in Polk County, authorities told ABC News.

Anderson went after the suspect, which was identified as 18-year-old Jayden Moats. The officer, however, didn't realize that he was about to collide with an incoming train.

body cam
Here, a Los Angeles police officer wear an AXON body camera during the Immigrants Make America Great March to protest actions being taken by the Trump administration in Los Angeles, California, Feb. 18, 2017. David McNew/Getty Images

The terrifying moment was recording by Anderson's 3D body-worn camera, ABC News added, citing police statement.

The clip was shared by the Polk County Police Department and showed the train moments away from hitting Anderson. It then transitioned to Anderson landing on a nearby bush and could be heard moaning for help, it added.

Miraculously, Anderson survived the ordeal, but his body took the toll of the impact, resulting in five broken ribs, a broken arm and a concussion, Polk County Police Department Chief Kenny Dood told 11 Alive.

Police are still searching for Moats, although a woman named Nancie Borders, who was identified as the suspect's “getaway driver was arrested.

It is still not clear why Borders was apprehended and Moats escaped, added 11 Alive.