They’ve been feuding a bit for a while in regards to their various children, but things could officially go past a point of no return for Brooke and Ridge’s marriage as he continues to discredit her version of events over what happened with Thomas at the cliff house on the Tuesday, Sept. 3 episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) kept refusing to believe anything Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) said about Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) being obsessed with Hope (Annika Noelle) for months, and even after the truth about him keeping the Beth secret from her came out, it didn’t sway his opinion on the CBS soap. Now, since Thomas’ accident where he went over a cliff, things have been even more tense, since Ridge saw it happen as Brooke pushed him away from Hope. Now, after Thomas told the police he wasn’t pushed, Ridge has ordered his wife to thank him for not turning her into police. As a result, Brooke is appalled, and things will only get worse as Ridge continues refusing to believe she didn’t purposely injure his son.

Bold and the Beautiful Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) is stunned Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) doesn’t believe her version of events on the September 3, 2019 episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Photo: Howard Wise/JPI Studios for CBS

“Brooke is stunned Ridge doesn’t believe her version of events,” spoilers reveal.

Brooke will reiterate that she thinks Thomas only didn’t reveal she had pushed him because she thinks he is still scheming to try and manipulate Hope, knowing that he needs to try a new tactic since she won’t forgive him for keeping her daughter away from her. However, Ridge will keep insisting his son hasn’t done anything and doesn’t have an unhealthy obsession—meaning Brooke will need to seek out new measures if she’s going to prove her case to her husband.

However, in order to do that she will also be risking everything, because not only would proving Thomas is dangerous potentially destroy her marriage the most, but the one person who is most capable of finding information that is damaging is also the one person Ridge wouldn’t want to see his wife with at all—Bill Spencer (Don Diamont).

“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays at 1:30 p.m. EDT on CBS.