In the next “The Bold Type,” Scarlet is putting Jane in another uncomfortable position, but this isn’t something she’ll laugh about later. It looks like the young journalist will have to go through some scary medical testing in Season 1, episode 6.

“Jane confronts past issues and current anxieties when she is tasked with writing a controversial piece about BRCA gene testing,” the episode 6 synopsis reads.

The promo video for “The Bold Type” reveals that someone wants Jane (Katie Stevens) to get the genetic test to determine if she’s at risk for breast cancer. It seems like Jane is telling this to her editor Jaqueline (Melora Hardin), which makes it look like someone else encouraged Jane to get tested.  

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When Stevens spoke to International Business Times in June at ATX TV Festival, she said that episode 6 would deal with Jane’s history. “One of the most emotional episodes is the episode that delves into my character’s backstory and life and things that she’s had to deal with growing up,” Stevens said. “When we did the pilot, when we find out that Jane lost her mom, I wasn’t really sure of how because I don’t think that the writers had even decided that and so you find out a little bit more of that. But yeah, that was definitely an emotional episode.”

The Bold Type Jane (Katie Stevens, center) will need the support of her friends more than ever in “The Bold Type” Season 1, episode 6. Photo: Freeform

Elsewhere, Kat (Aisha Dee) will once again be focusing on pushing boundaries in this episode of the Freeform drama, which is appropriately titled “The Breast Issue.” “In promoting Scarlet’s breast health awareness campaign, Kat tries to be bold with her message, but is left wondering whether her competitive nature is hurting her cause,” the synopsis teases.

The trailer for Season 1, episode 6 shows that Kat is taking on the Free the Nipple campaign, which supports the idea that women’s nipples should not be censored while men’s are considered acceptable. It seems social media platforms aren’t thrilled with that message though. One might even be threatening to ban Scarlet’s account.

Kat, who is likely still reeling from Adena’s departure to France, will take her message offline as well. It looks like the three girls are going to some sort of Free the Nipple protest. Banners and posters with “breasts are not a crime” and “breast equality” can be seen at the gathering. It doesn’t look like the Scarlet ladies will be using signs to protest, though. Kat and Sutton (Meghann Fahy) are going to go topless in public.

Watch the trailer below:

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Sutton is also going to be adjusting to her new job. In the last episode, she finally gave up her job as Lauren’s assistant and moved to Oliver’s office after some negotiating. It sounds like there will be an adjustment period that Sutton maybe didn’t anticipate. “Sutton is determined to excel at her tasks at hand, but when things fall apart, it’s Alex (Matt Ward) who rushes to her rescue,” the summary teases.

Fahy recently told Hidden Remote that the friendship with Alex will be explored throughout “The Bold Type” Season 1, but she didn’t reveal if it would evolve into anything more.

“We will definitely see them supporting each other… I can’t say any more than that because of spoilers,” Fahy teased. “Their relationship is great, and the through-line is that they have a friendship and that they really care about each other, so there’s much more of that in upcoming episodes.”

“The Bold Type” Season 1, episode 6, titled “The Breast Issue,” airs Tuesday, Aug. 8 at 9 p.m. EDT on Freeform.