Freeform is bringing back the Scarlet Magazine gang, and “The Bold Type” Season 3 has a lot in store for the whole office. Here’s what to expect in the new episodes, which start airing Tuesday:

Jane’s Love Triangle Is Over — Within minutes of the Season 3 premiere, viewers will know if Jane (Katie Stevens) chose Ben (Luca James Lee) or Pinstripe (Dan Jeannotte). She’ll be in a very happy place at the beginning of the season — so happy that she doesn’t want to risk anything ruining that.

Sutton And Richard Move Fast — The couple isn’t taking things slow. Richard (Sam Page) wants Sutton (Meghann Fahy) to live with him, which is a big step. Not to mention, it would be a huge adjustment. Sutton came from a modest upbringing, and she currently lives in the living room at her shared apartment with Jane. Richard has a wealthy family and high-paying job, and his apartment matches that lifestyle.

Kat Is Heartbroken — The breakup with Adena (Nikhol Boosheri) is taking a toll on the social media maven. Expect Kat (Aisha Dee) to divert her focus to work. Not only does she have another boss that’s pressuring her to do more, but she’ll also get politically involved.

Richard’s Co-Workers Are Judgmental — While “The Bold Type” has always given Sutton and her friends’ point of view on the relationship with an older guy and her superior, this season touches on how Richard is seen after dating a younger co-worker. A clip from the premiere reveals that some have trashy comments, but the premiere will reveal other, more genuinely concerned friends.

Jacqueline Is In Hot Water — At the end of last season, “The Bold Type” showed Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) publishing Jane’s article about the lack of egg freezing options with Stafford’s healthcare options. After it was published, Richard was sent a list of potential replacements for the Editor-In-Chief.

The good news is that our favorite empowering boss is still in the office, but the bad news is that she has some competition. There is a new head of digital, Patrick Duchand (Peter Vack), and that means Jacqueline essentially had her job cut in half, with her now only running the magazine. The office dynamic between the two bosses is very interesting.

Jane Is Team Jacqueline — Jane’s immediate reaction to getting a male head of digital is to figure out what’s wrong with him. The writer insists on writing a piece delving into his past, and she might be surprised by what she finds.

Oliver Gets A Storyline — Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore) isn’t just Sutton’s mentor this season. The fashion guru has some serious drama at home that affects his work life and gives Sutton more responsibility.

Guest Stars — “The Bold Type” is bringing in some fun guest stars like Betty Who and Sasha Velour, who will both play themselves in Season 3.

“The Bold Type” Season 3 premieres Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on Freeform.

The Bold Type Season 3
The ladies of "The Bold Type" return in Tuesday's Season 3 premiere. Freeform/Philippe Bosse