Boston doctor Richard Field, who was brutally murdered Friday along with his fiancée Lina Bolanos in their luxury penthouse, had called for help by sending a text message to his friend just moments before the couple’s throats had been slit. The friend, who received the text message, alerted police but both the victims were dead by the time police arrived at the scene.

Details about Field's last moments were revealed by People magazine Sunday, also giving some details about the killer. According to the new report, the suspect in the killing of Field and Bolanos allegedly wrote “a message of retribution” on the wall of their residence before trying to flee the crime scene. However, he was taken into custody after a brief gunfight with law enforcement. The suspect, who was later identified as Bampumim Teixeira, was injured in the shootout.

“Upon seeing the officers, the suspect immediately began firing at the officers, causing them to return fire. During the exchange, the suspect was struck by the officers and after a violent struggle, placed in custody and transported to an area hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries as a result of gunshot wounds. No police officers were struck by gunfire but several were transported to area hospitals for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.” the Boston Police said in a statement.

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While the motive for the killings remains unknown, Boston police Commissioner William Evans believes Teixeira and the victims knew each other.

“We’re very fortunate our officers were not hurt. They opened the door and right away, shots were fired,” Evans said Saturday. “We have a guy here who just killed two people and nothing to lose.”

Teixeira, who has a criminal history, is under close observation at Tufts Medical Center and faces multiple charges including two counts of murder.

Teixeira's victim Field served in a pain management practice in Beverly while his fiancée Bolanos was a pediatric anesthesiologist at the Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary and was an instructor at Harvard Medical School.

Field’s employer issued a statement mourning his death in tribute message on their website, remembering the doctor as “a valued member of the medical community and a tremendous advocate for his patients. ... His tragic and sudden passing leaves an inescapable void in all of us. Our deepest thoughts are with his friends and family.”

The couple's friends told People magazine Sunday that they could not think of a reason as to why anyone would want to kill the doctors.

“They weren’t the type of people to screw people over,” friend Gina Rand said. “So when I hear ‘retribution,’ I wonder ‘what for? What could these people possibly have done that someone would want to kill them for?’ These were people who dedicated their lives to helping others. They cared so much about other people. They were the kindest people I knew.”

“They had a very wide circle of friends,” Rand added. “I think Richard texted [the recipient] because he lived close enough to help. It breaks my heart that it was too late. He’s always going to have to live with it, but there was really nothing he could do.”