Two people were found dead at an apartment complex at 141 Dorchester Avenue in South Boston on Friday night, police said. A possible suspect was involved in a gun fight with the authorities and was injured in the process.

Police arrived at the scene after reports of a man with a gun. The man allegedly began firing shots after which the police returned fire, injuring the possible suspect a number of times. According to reports, the suspect was taken to Boston’s Tufts Medical Center and was alive.

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“It looks like you have a double homicide in this apartment here,” Boston Police Commissioner William Evans was reported saying by the Boston Globe. “We also have an officer shooting with one individual shot, non-life-threatening. We’re just trying to piece it together.”

Sources told CBS that the victims were a man and woman who were found bound and had their throats slashed. The network was also told that the three people involved in the incident knew each other.

Police officials, however, reportedly said that they were still attempting to determine whether the victims at the Macallen Building were shot or stabbed.

A resident of the building, who lives on the second floor, told the Globe he reached home a little before 9 p.m. EDT and found around six or seven police vehicles arriving at the scene.

“As I was coming out of the T across the street, they were literally just coming up in front of the building,” Peter Dziedzic told the publication. He added that he saw police presence increase as he watched from his house.

Dziedzic added that parts of Dorchester Avenue, Broadway, and West 4th Street were closed to traffic. He also said he saw police dressed in tactical gear accompanied by K-9 units but no violence was seen or heard, adding that he believed the focus of law enforcement was on a higher floor. Dziedzic said: “It’s a pretty soundproof building. I don’t even hear my neighbors.”

“As it was building up there were more and more police cars. … At the height of this there must have been easily 40 or 50 police vehicles,” he said.

In another unrelated incident Friday night, a police officer was shot while responding to an incident at Motel 6 in Braintree, Massachusetts. The motel is located off Route 3 on Union Street.

According to reports, one person was barricaded inside the motel, while the officer involved in the shooting was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital and is undergoing surgery.

Braintree police Chief Paul Shastany said officers responded the motel around 9:30 p.m. to check the warrant status of an individual, NBC Boston reported. Soon after, the suspect opened fire on the officers and also hit one of the law enforcement officers in the face. The injuries sustained by the officer were not life-threatening and according to the NBC report, he was alert and talked to paramedics as he left the scene.

At a press conference, Shastany announced the suspect was found dead in the motel room and that the death was being investigated.