Did Erica Mena leave Bow Wow or was it the other way around? That seems to be the current debate going on between the former couple after the New York model spoke about the breakup in a recent interview.

According to Bow Wow, 29, his ex-fiancée was lying about ending the relationship, and he said there were witnesses around when they split. “Even the homies was there that day when it went down. That’s between us, though,” he wrote on VladTV’s Instagram page, since VladTV is where Mena, 28, gave her interview.  “So all that you just left s---, babe, you gotta stop lying, momma.” 

The actor and part-time rapper advised Mena to always be truthful when it comes to their past union. “Tell her put it on Jesus Christ’s soul,” he wrote.

As we previously reported, the former “Love & Hip-Hop” star said she ended things between herself and Bow Wow, because he was a damaged person.

“We broke up, because I left,” she said on VladTV. “I left because it’s no secret I’ve been through a lot in my life, and I didn’t know necessarily how to heal from all the things that I’ve been through. About me being in foster care and things of that nature, I didn’t know how to mend those broken issues that I had from my past. It’s kind of hard to be with someone who is more damaged than you are.”

In addition, Mena said her ex often mentioned her on social media just to get attention.“It’s annoying to wake up one day to see pictures of me that he posts on his Facebook to try and make you guys believe that we’re still together,” she said. “I’m always thrown off by him.”

The last time the former couple had a public disagreement was earlier this month, after Mena called Bow Wow a “cornball” and he responded. “Was I corny when we was just sexing two months ago like we’re trying to make another baby?” he asked. “I love you too, Erica.”

The actor and Mena split in October of 2015, after being together for nearly a year.