If there’s any couple who experienced a bitter breakup, it’s Bow Wow and Erica Mena because since they’ve split both have bashed each other on social media, and it looks like they’re doing it again.

Recently, however, the two haven’t sent any shots at each other, and Bow Wow even said a few kind words about his ex in May. Evidently, that truce was very short-lived, because Mena decided to diss the former “CSI Cyber” star, who quickly fired back with his own scathing tweet. 

He did it after one of his fans brought up his relationship with the New York-born model and TV personality.

“I’m sure she still loves you,” wrote the follower about Mena. “She just don’t like you. That’s how all girls are.”

“Baby ain’t feeling me,” Bow Wow replied. “Gave me a chance and I fumbled … She hate me, but I love her still … Erica is my baby. She knows I love her.”

Even though the retired rapper didn’t insult his former flame or speak negatively about her, Mena chose to blast him anyway.

“#SuchAD---nCornball,” she wrote. “The only hashtag I needed.”

From there, Bow Wow fired back and said he and Erica recently slept together, despite her nasty Twitter remark.

“But you was just my fiancée,” he tweeted. “Was I corny when we was just sexing two months ago like we’re trying to make another baby? I love you too, Erica.”

This latest back-and-forth comes after the actor and reality star ended their relationship at the start of 2016. At that time, they were only dating for a few months but quickly got engaged and moved in with each other.

Then Mena became pregnant, had a miscarriage and announced it on social meda, which Bow Wow didn't like. In fact, it was the first sign that showed he and Erica were having problems.

"Do it when it happened," he said in a video. "Five months ago, man. This ain't nothing new ... I feel like it's attention seeking, especially when it's news that happened five months ago."

After that, their relationship seemed to quickly spiral downward, and Mena accused Bow Wow of being abusive. "Shad, if you wanna tell the story, tell the real story," she wrote in a now deleted tweet. "What you did to me physically. You got the picutures too. Send the blogs that instead." 

In regards to this latest exchange, Mena hasn't responded to Bow Wow's claims that they slept together a couple of months ago, but don't be surprised if she does. Either way, it’s baffling why the two exes don’t move on from their troubled relationship, because it seems like they’re unable to communicate without insulting each other.