Bow Wow
Rapper Bow Wow, pictured June 11, 2014, indirectly responded to rumors that R&B singer Keyshia Cole was pregnant with his baby. Getty Images

Rumors that R&B singer Keyshia Cole was pregnant with rapper Bow Wow’s baby flooded the internet after the blog Media Take Out first made the accusation Wednesday. Bow Wow has tried to dismantle the rumor, but fans continue to ask if he impregnated the singer.

During an impromptu Q&A on Twitter early Friday morning, Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, only used an ellipses to answer a fan’s question.

Though he didn’t mention Cole by name, he then went on a rant about “bum chicks.” His full diatribe, as it appears on his Twitter account, has been posted below:

“These chicks is bums. Go get you a REAL one. If she cant do for you she worthless. I don't mean bringing home 350 you made off IG either. Fellas yall be falling for the looks instead of what’s behind all that. She got no car 2 roommates hell you cant even go over her house and… Get it cracking because you always got to be quiet so her friends cant hear. Man haha i cant do it. Bum chicks use they looks to get on.”

Earlier in the week, Bow Wow denied that he and Cole were in a relationship. When a fan asked, “Are you and Keyshia together?” he responded, “Don't believe what u read or hear.”

As for Cole, 34, she had a simple message to share with her 591,000 Twitter followers: “Love rules the world.”

Even though Cole hasn’t addressed the pregnancy rumors, MTO sent fans into a tizzy when they reported she was two months pregnant with Bow Wow’s baby. “According to one of Keyshia’s homies, Keyshia and Bow have been seeing each other now for a couple of months — but it’s gotten serious. How serious? Well we’re told that Keyshia is already TWO MONTHS PREGNANT — and she’s definitely KEEPING THE BABY,” the blog wrote Wednesday. “According to our snitch, Keyshia and Bow Wow are VERY happy and are looking forward to their new addition.”

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