A German family recently learned that their home may have been housing more than just their kin for the last 40 years after what appears to be an Egyptian mummy was found in their Diepholz, Germany flat.

According to a report from the Telegraph Friday, 10-year-old Alexander Kettler discovered the Egyptian artifact while exploring his Grandmother’s attic recently, a find family members are now trying to decipher is legitimate or a hoax. “It’s only the question if it’s real or not, so we have to do more examinations to find out,” the boy’s father, Lutz Wolfgang Kettler, told the Bild newspaper.

Kettler claims the mummy appears to be real despite his beliefs that other artifacts found near the mummy, including a Sarcophagus, death mask and a canopic jar used to store organs, are not. “You just don't get the feeling that's something you could buy at a shop around the corner,” he said to the Daily Mail. "The only thing to do is X-ray it.”

While the discovery still came as shock, Kettler revealed that the mummy may have belonged to his late father who acquired a “chest” during his travels in Africa during the 1950s and refused to discuss its contents. The family is planning to transport the box, which is encrypted with hieroglyphics, and the specimen to Berlin to be investigated.

The last recorded Egyptian relics were located by archaeologists in the ancient city of Akhetaten in Egypt last month. The two specimens, both 3,3000-year-old skeletons, made headlines after they were found sporting copper alloy toe rings making it the first time such rings have been found in Egypt according to a report from the Huffington Post.