A teen threw a student off the fourth floor of a school building allegedly after being bullied by the latter. The incident took place in Guangxi, China, on Sept.16.

A video of the incident uploaded to YouTube on Sunday showed a group of students walking in the corridor during break time. Suddenly, a tall boy picks up another student and flings him off the building. The other students rushed to the side and watch the victim crash to the ground. Meanwhile, the accused, identified as Huang, turns around and walks back into the classroom.

The victim, identified as Wei, was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. Doctors said he suffered from multiple fractures, ruptured organs and a punctured lung from the fall. The victim remained in critical condition as of Tuesday. Meanwhile, Huang was taken into police custody for questioning.

According to local reports, investigations revealed that Wei always bullied the accused. Unable to take it anymore, Huang retaliated to the taunts by throwing Wei off the building. Huang’s mother said her son was regularly being bullied by a group of students who often chased him around the school. She advised her son to inform his teachers about it, but Huang told her they wouldn’t help as they were too afraid of the bullies. She said the victim always provoked her son even during holidays.

However, Wei’s father refuted the claims of his son being a bully and urged people to think properly before accusing him. The cause of the incident was, however, under investigation.

Meanwhile, netizens supported Huang and said bullying was not acceptable.

“It’s time to live! The long-term spirit of suppressing others will eventually have this day,” one user wrote. “Next time he won’t dare to bully other,” another wrote.

china crime scene
In this image, forensic officers process a crime scene where police opened fire on a gang of men fighting in the Yau Ma Tei district of Hong Kong, Oct. 2, 2016. ISAAC LAWRENCE/AFP/Getty Images