• Brad Pitt allegedly responded to Donald Trump's diss
  • Brad Pitt threw shade at the POTUS during his Oscars acceptance speech
  • Donald Trump was criticized for dissing Pitt 

Donald Trump recently threw shade at Brad Pitt during one of his rallies. The POTUS claimed that he’s not a big fan of the “Ad Astra” star.

Shortly after, a source told Hollywood Life that Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband refuses to pay attention to the president’s diss since there’s no reason to fuel the fire.

“Brad is not going to go down a route where he is going to be petty and get himself involved in a feud that would go absolutely nowhere. People talk about Brad for a lot of things and he bounces it off and in this case with the president, he is going to do the same,” the source said.

When Pitt won the best supporting actor award at the Oscars earlier this month, he seemingly threw shade at Trump’s impeachment trial. It is possible that this is why the POTUS fired back at him the minute he had the chance.

“They told me I have 45 seconds up there, which is 45 seconds more than the senate gave John Bolton this week,” he said.

However, Trump’s diss at Pitt did not sit well with a lot of people not because they are fans of the actor. Rather, the POTUS’ critics couldn’t believe that Trump would go on a lengthy rant over something that had nothing to do with his job.

Melania Trump’s husband also criticized “Parasite” and questioned why a foreign film won the top award at this year’s Oscars.

“Yeah, what’s up with Brad Pitt? He is a good actor, has heaps of bullion and wants to tell the US president what to do,” Twitter user @murraylogue said.

“@realDonaldTrump too scared of Clint Eastwood when he directly attacks you but you’ll attack pretty boy Brad Pitt, who your wife would do in a heartbeat. Wussy Trump,” Twitter user @4letfreedomring said.

“@realDonaldTrump you calling Brad Pitt a little wise guy is hilarious since you’re a little pea-brained twerp,” Twitter user @RBaumander said.

US actor Brad Pitt U.S. actor Brad Pitt is pictured. Photo: AFP/VALERIE MACON