• Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's present relationship is said to be the 'strongest' it has been in years
  • Angelina Jolie's ex and the 'Murder Mystery' actress are said to be spending so much time with each other
  • Close friends of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are, allegedly, desperate to seem them together again

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were said to be rekindling their old romance. Reunion rumors started to hound the two A-list personalities when the “Troy” actor graced the “Friends” star’s 50th birthday bash last year. Brad and Jennifer were, also, sighted getting a little cozy with each other during the awards season, adding fuel to the fire.

Recently, Woman UK reported, in its Mar. 23, 2020 issue, that Brad and Jennifer’s current relationship is the strongest it has been in years even if they are keeping things under wraps. The entertainment news outlet stated that the two have been spending a lot of time together at Brad’s mansion in Los Angeles, Calif.  Though the pair was quick to debunk the reports saying that they are together again, sources claimed that Brad and Jennifer are, officially, an item once again.

“Jen and Brad don’t want to jinx anything, which is why they’re being so secretive and publicly sticking with the official line they’re not dating yet. None of their friends are fooled and the ones closest to them are in the loop about what’s really going on. Basically, at this point, some are saying that anything could happen,” an insider told the publication.

“They have so much time for each other and there’s so much love and attraction on both sides. Yes, they live different lives to a large degree but that hasn’t stopped them from being totally in sync and connecting with each other more than ever from an emotional point of view,” it went on.

The informant furthered that close pals of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are “desperate” to see them in each other’s arms again. However, the ex-pair might need more space before they can finally go under the radar. Despite this, many believe that things are going great between both of them and an official announcement is not far from happening any time soon.

While these claims could be true, it should be noted that neither Brad Pitt nor Jennifer Aniston has confirmed anything as of yet. Hence, avid followers of the two Hollywood superstars should take these speculations with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

Meanwhile, aside from Jennifer, Brad is, also, being linked to Alia Shawkat after they were seen together in public for a couple of times. Earlier this month, Daily Mail revealed the two were seen ordering burgers at In-N-Out after they attended a concert together. Neither of them has confirmed their real score up to this writing.