Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are not getting back together despite reports claiming that they are making their relationship official.

New Idea recently published an article claiming that exes Pitt and Aniston are about “to reveal their relationship to the world.” The two are reportedly “finally ready to make their new romance official” during an Oscars after-party.

An unnamed source alleged that Pitt and Aniston have been dating secretly for months. They just kept a low profile because they didn’t want Angelina Jolie to know about their relationship. But this time, they have decided to put their foot down against the “Maleficent” actress and go public.

“For the first time, Brad is putting Jen in front of Ange,” the tipster added.

The insider also claimed that Aniston was nervous about the event due to the scrutiny that would follow. However, she was convinced that showing up with Pitt at an Oscars after-party is the perfect opportunity to let the world know that they have rekindled their romance.

However, Gossip Cop debunked the report by saying “it’s simply not true.” In the first place, both Pitt and Aniston didn’t attend the Oscars after-parties. The site also questioned the tabloid’s source, adding that the tipster was “either woefully unreliable or flat-out nonexistent.”

New Idea also published a report earlier claiming that Pitt and Aniston got married on her 50th birthday. An unnamed source alleged that the two were aware they couldn’t organize a wedding without the plans being leaked, so they took her birthday bash as the perfect opportunity to exchange vows for the second time. The guests were reportedly crying when the ex-couple tied the knot.

However, Aniston’s rep denied the report by calling it “bogus” and “fabricated.” It’s true that Pitt attended Aniston’s birthday party but they had little interaction during the event.

It’s also not true that Pitt and Aniston are reclaiming their Hollywood’s Golden couple title. Another tabloid reported that Jolie’s ex-husband and Justin Theroux’s ex-wife have never really stopped loving each other. The unnamed tipster suggested that when Pitt and Aniston were single again they realized they could pick up things where they left off.

Pitt and Aniston are on friendly terms, but they’re not getting back together. Their relationship as of the moment is far from being romantic.