Jennifer Aniston
Pictured: Jennifer Aniston, who is being linked to ex Brad Pitt by tabloids, attending WE Day California at The Forum in Inglewood on April 19, 2018. Getty Images/Jean-Baptiste Lacroix

Jennifer Aniston did not warn Brad Pitt’s rumored girlfriend Neri Oxman to stay away despite reports.

Ever since Aniston announced her split from Justin Theroux, many of her and Pitt’s fans have been hoping to see her get back together with the “World War Z” actor. Tabloids have been constantly churning stories linking the former husband and wife together. This is in spite of reports claiming Pitt is secretly dating MIT professor Neri Oxman.

Australian tabloid New Idea recently published a story claiming the “Friends” alum is not giving up Pitt without putting up a fight. The weekly magazine stated that Aniston even took a “brave step to hold onto her man.” It even cited one of the actress’ so-called friends, when it noted how Aniston “did nothing” when Angelina Jolie stole Pitt from here and she’s not letting this happen again with Oxman.

“[Jennifer is] not going to let Neri stop her from finally having her happily ever after with Brad,” an unidentified source of the publication said. “She’s determined that nothing will get in the way of her happiness,” Aniston’s unnamed friend was quoted to have said such a thing.

New Idea then claimed that an insider has come forward to reveal that Aniston confronted Oxman over the weekend. “Last weekend [Jennifer] went and saw Neri, and had a face-to-face with her. Jen was firm with Neri and told her to stay away from Brad and not come between them,” the insider said.

GossipCop has already debunked New Idea’s story and pointed out the falsehoods and lapses in the tabloid’s published article. For instance, the story did not specify where Aniston confronted Oxman, who are living on separate ends of the country. The Hollywood actress is staying in Los Angeles, while the architectural designer is residing in Boston. Did it really make sense for Aniston to travel several hours just to warn Oxman over her rumored relationship with Pitt?

Another inconsistency in the story pertains to Aniston’s alleged wedding plans. New Idea claimed that the “Cake” actress “wants nothing to stand in the way of her wedding day.” While this may be consistent to its previous story about Aniston and Pitt preparing to tie the knot in Missouri, the idea that the exes are exchanging “I do's” in secret has already been proven to be part of a manufactured article.

In a previous report by GossipCop, that fact-checking celebrity reporting website pointed out that Aniston and Pitt have never reunited since the actress’ split from Theroux. In fact, the ex-lovers haven’t seen each other in “ages.”

Meanwhile, sources told Us Weekly last week that Pitt and Oxman talk over the phone several times a day when they are not together. One source even claimed that the two “are very infatuated with each other.” However, Oxman is said to feel uncomfortable with the media attention she’s been getting ever since her name has been linked to Pitt.