Brad Pitt didn't dump Jennifer Aniston despite reports.

Since Pitt and Aniston both become single after their split from Angelina Jolie and Justin Theroux, respectively, many are hoping that the pair will reconcile. The gossips involving the "Cake" actress and the "Allied" actor continue even if Pitt has been linked to Neri Oxman.

In a recent report from NW, Aniston was reportedly anxious. She fears that Pitt will reject him again over another woman.

"Amid numerous reports that she and Brad have rebooted their relationship and are even discussing exchanging wedding vows again, Jen's once again left fearing she'll be cast aside for another woman. And in a double blow, Brad's new beauty is a total Ange lookalike," the tabloid wrote.

"Jennifer is absolutely heartbroken. She can't believe this is happening… The last thing she expected was to end up feeling like this again," a so-called insider said. "Jen's hurt that Brad didn't even mention Neri to her. That's what makes her worried that something could develop between them… She can't believe she’s back in this position, crying over Brad as he grows close to another woman."

According to Gossip Cop, however, the claims are not true. Pitt and Aniston are unlikely to reunite. In fact, the exes haven't met each other in "ages."

As for the alleged romance between Pitt and Oxman, a source said that the two have a "professional dynamic." Also, another insider told Entertainment Tonight that the "Seven" actor is not ready to get serious with anyone following his split from the "Maleficent" star. The actor wants to spend more time with his kids too.

"He is in no way ready to get serious with anyone," a source told ET. "Dating hasn't been a priority because Brad wants to spend more time with the children. He has been working on himself. Brad has been spending a lot of time learning to play guitar and hanging with musician friends."

NW also previously reported that Pitt and Aniston got married in Paris. Gossip Cop debunked the report and explained that the cover in their published article featuring Pitt and Aniston kissing was digitally altered. The original photo featured Pitt kissing ex-wife Jolie. The shot was taken in 2010.