Mothers going back to work at the NSW public services have been granted a right to breastfeed their babies or express milk in the comfort of their private space at work.

According to the variation of the industrial award for NSW public servants, mothers are allocated 60 minutes per day to breastfeed their babies, or express milk at a private space designed for their use, plus meal breaks.

Their breastfeeding space will be furnished with a refrigerator and a place to keep the breast milk.

Steve Turner from the Public Service Association said it was a good move as women now no longer need to go the car or toilet to breastfeed.

He said, It allows mothers to come back t work and breastfeed with dignity and respect.

The new move, according to Maria Cirillo, senior industrial officer with the Public Service Association will give breastfeeding mothers a peace of mind when the return to work.

She said, In the past women have gone to their cars to express milk or gone to the toilet.

Women had been made fun of for keeping their breast milk in the refrigerator, had people walk in while they were expressing milk or had been asked to give up breastfeeding due to lack of support in their working environment.

The latest new move, which was announced following discussions between the association and the Director of Public Employment, takes effect immediately.

Carey Wood, spokeswoman of the Australian Breastfeeding Association urges more private companies to join in similar effort.

This is a very important preventative health measure and we need the whole community to get behind women and support them continuing to breastfeed.