Brian Laundrie’s parents noticed one of their guns was missing the day they informed authorities that their son disappeared, according to their family’s attorney, Steven Bertolino. 

The lawyer told WWSB, an ABC affiliate in Sarasota, Florida, that Chris and Roberta Laundrie turned over their firearms to law enforcement on Sept. 17 when they realized there was one handgun that was not in its case. This was the same day authorities found out Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts were unknown.

The information about the missing gun was hidden from the public until now, as Bertolino and law enforcement agreed that "it was best for that information to not be public."

"Imagine, with the frenzied atmosphere at the time, if the public thought Brian had a gun," Bertolino told CNN. "I cannot speak to why (law enforcement) did not reveal the info but we spoke about it at the time and I believe they felt as I did."

Brian Laundrie’s human remains were found last month at a Florida preserve after weeks of searching for his whereabouts. His body was found alongside his personal items, including a backpack and a notebook. 

The remains were then sent for further evaluation and it was then determined that he died by suicide from a gunshot wound to the head.

Following the news of his autopsy, Twitter blew up with questions surrounding the location of the gun and what Brian Laundrie’s death meant to his case.

Brian Laundrie, 23, went missing on Sept. 14 after authorities found the remains of his fiancee Gabby Petito at a national forest in Wyoming. Petito's death was ruled a homicide by manual strangulation and Brian Laundrie was determined to be a person of interest.