Nikki and Brie Bella
Brie Bella does not want twin sister Nikki Bella's fiancé John Cena to be an uncle of her daughter, Birdie. Pictured: Brie and Nikki attend the Official Opening Ceremonies of The Best Buddies Challenge at Quail Lodge Golf Club on Sept. 11, 2015 in Carmel, California. Getty Images/Mark Davis

Brie Bella and John Cena are not on good terms.

In the upcoming premiere episode of "Total Bellas" Season 2, Brie, Nikki Bella and John Cena will be sitting down for dinner with the twins' family in San Diego. However, things will go awry when Brie confronts Nikki about her observations regarding the latter's fiancé.

"I'm actually really pissed off," Brie tells Nikki in the teaser for the Season 2 premiere (via E! News). "Well, I just feel like when it comes to family, John's never in the picture. He is always gone."

Nikki disagrees with her sister and comes to her man's defense. "Oh my god! That is not true. My man is part of this family and I'm pretty much like his wife," she says.

Brie then reminds Nikki that they are not yet married, so Cena cannot be her daughter Birdie's uncle. "But you're not his wife. Which is another reason why he shouldn't be shu shu," Brie insists. The term "shu shu" means uncle in Chinese.

Nikki declines to argue further and tells Brie that if she really does not want her baby girl to call Cena uncle then so be it, right before storming off.

At the dinner table, Brie calls out Cena about his absence and tells him to work for their approval. "Really he's not an uncle yet to my baby," she says. "You have to prove it to the family."

She adds that she is expecting them to help as she and her husband, Bryan, also helped them during their surgeries. Cena fires back at Brie and asks her where Bryan is as he is not joining the family dinner.

In August, Brie and Nikki talked about the new season of "Total Bellas." According to the twins, they are very excited about their show, especially since they are living their own separate lives. Brie, who has always wanted to become a mom, just welcomed her daughter, Birdie. On the other hand, Nikki has always wanted to be a bride, so she is now prepping for her big day with Cena.

Nikki admitted that she's bad at planning. But she already has a wedding dress and date. The professional wrestler proposed to Nikki in front of thousands of fans at WrestleMania. They are planning to tie the knot in a year.

Nikki is hoping for a third season of "Total Bellas" so the network can air her big day. But whether or not their reality show will be renewed, Nikki and Bella are already happy about their achievements.

Watch Cena and Brie's confrontation tonight. "Total Bellas" Season 2 premieres on Sept. 6 at 9 p.m. EDT on E!