Brittney Bergeron, a handicapped teenager with aspirations to be a Paralympian for the 2012 London Paralympics shared her story last night with 20/20 after surviving 27 stabs.

From a broken home, struggled with drugs, alcohol and gambling parents both charge with various offenses. At age of ten she was left to take care of her little 3 yr old half-sister.

That one night leads to tragedy struck as then 19-year old Beau Maestas and his sister Monique came knocking on their house to take revenge after buying $125 worth methamphetamines that turns to salt from Brittneys parents.

They attacked the two girls; Beau stabbed 32-pound Kristyanna with a large kitchen knife who never made it out alive, while Monique stabbed Brittney 27 times. They attempt to save her life, but her spinal cord was damaged.

A lot of people have come up to me and say, you know, do you miss walking? And I say, you know, actually, I don't. Overall, I think I like being in a wheelchair better because I have a better life. Before I didn't have such a great life.

Brittney now lives with one of Nevada's award-winning foster care parents. She is now an accomplished athlete, competing in more than 15 states in track and field, and hopes to be in the Para-Olympics in London in 2012.

The Maestas siblings each pleaded guilty to murder. Beau Maestas was sentenced to death, but his case is under appeal. Monique received life in prison, and won't be eligible for parole until she is 65.

Brittney Bergeron Himel now has a good family, and all the money she will need from a $5.5 million trust fund she won in a settlement from the CasaBlanca hotel-casino, which owned the trailer park where the attack took place.