Korean supergroup BTS is celebrating their ninth anniversary this month and fans are gearing up for the two-week festival. At the same time, loyal supporters are giving a special focus on Kim Taehyung, also known as V, in remembrance of the ninth year of his formal introduction as the seventh member of BTS.

V's journey started when he accompanied a friend to audition for Big Hit Music back in 2011. While he did not originally intend to take part in the audition process, a staff member of the music studio urged him to join the line. V ended up as the only person to clear the audition that day.

However, it would not be until June 3, 2013 when he would finally be introduced as the seventh member of what would become Korea's most successful boy band of all time. Big Hit Music founder Bang Si-Hyuk chose to withhold the identity of BTS' seventh "secret" member until 11 days before the group debuted. The rest of the members were already introduced by the company through photos and vlogs as early as 2012.

"We needed momentum to announce that the team called BTS was finally complete. V had great charms in terms of appearance and personality, so I thought it would be impactful when he was revealed last. It was an effective strategy in forming the team’s overall image, as well as leaving an impression of each member," Bang told Rolling Stone in an interview in May last year.

BTS fans, collectively known as ARMY, took to Twitter and praised the band's former secret member for his contributions to the group. V trended under the topic #BECAUSEOFTAEHYUNG on the microblogging platform Friday.

"Millions of us have found renewed happiness inspiration & zest for life BECAUSE OF TAEHYUNG What a wonderful man he's become. The absolute genius performer with a soulful voice that speaks to our hearts. His future is very bright. WE LOVE YOU KIM TAEHYUNG FOREVER," a fan wrote.

Another fan shared a collage of V's photos and wrote, "Thank you for existing."

Another user uploaded a clip that showcased V's rich baritone voice and wrote, "Thank you beloVed Taehyung for enriching our world and sharing your warm light as you inspire & encourage us with your compassionate heart. Your healing music comforts our souls."

BTS kicked off their ninth anniversary Thursday by releasing a poster of their upcoming "Festa" event. They also unveiled a new set of group photos.

South Korean band BTS members are like 'youth ambassadors,' the White House says
South Korean band BTS members are like 'youth ambassadors,' the White House says AFP / SAUL LOEB