In the second season of "In The Soop" featuring BTS, the Bangtan Boys are up for new adventures after getting two newly-built twin villas.

The twin villas come with all amenities, including a swimming pool, a gym, a library, a giant trampoline, basketball and tennis courts and a mini campsite.

In a teaser released Wednesday, the show's producers shared a short preview of the luxurious compound without mentioning its exact location. 

"Somewhere in South Korea, a secret space like in the movies. Deep in the middle of the forest, a space created for BTS and BTS only," the English captions showed.

The short clip also showed the construction process. "A grand scale construction just for BTS. It kind of felt like we were filming a movie. A space where BTS's hopes and dreams become reality. It was unbelievably nice and spacious, too," the caption said.

The whole process – from architectural design to construction – reportedly took one year.

"When we first arrived, it looked huge," BTS group leader RM said in the clip, while J-Hope exclaimed, It's "kind of like a mansion?"

Other BTS members were also surprised by the grand exterior of the villas.

"Wow! Where is this? Isn't this basically a castle?" Jin said, while V added, "It was like a place that I wanted only us to know about." Suga was amazed by the enormous space of the compound and remarked, "This isn't a view you can easily see in Korea."

"In The Soop BTS Version" Season 2 will begin airing on Oct. 15. New episodes will drop on the streaming app Weverse every Friday.

In the first season of "In The Soop BTS Version," which was released on Aug. 19, 2020, the group embarked on outdoor adventures in the "soop," the Korean word for forest, Soompi reported.

The reality show tested the septet's survival skills as they were made to row their boats on a lake, chop wood and cook their own meals. The show also featured BTS playing pranks on each other and enjoying the campfire.

Members of South Korean boy band BTS speak in the UN General Assembly hall Members of South Korean boy band BTS speak in the UN General Assembly hall Photo: POOL / JOHN ANGELILLO