• In June, BTS held a successful online concert that was attended by over 1.33 million fans in 195 countries
  •  "Muster SoWooZoo 2021" yielded $71.6 million worth of revenues from tickets and merchandise
  • Next month's concert will be streamed via Weverse app

K-pop superstars of BTS are all set for another worldwide event, just after stealing the show at the recent MTV Video Music Awards.

The group is now coming together for another online concert, “Permission To Dance On Stage,” which is slated for Oct. 24. The event will be streamed exclusively via Weverse app.

The Bangtan Boys made the official announcement in a YouTube video they posted Tuesday.

Big Hit Music also tweeted an announcement of the online concert although details regarding the same are still under wraps.

“Permission To Dance On Stage” follows BTS' hugely successful online concert “Muster SoWoozoo 2021” that was seen by at least 1.33 million fans via Venew Live in June, reports Bandwagon Asia.

The concert yielded over $71.6 million in tickets and merchandise and was again, a record-breaking event for the group that keeps achieving new milestones every time they release a new track.

The two-day concert, on June 13 and 14, led BTS to smash its own world record for The Most Viewers for a musical concert livestream on a bespoke platform.

Previously, BTS gathered 993,000 viewers across 191 countries for the “Map Of The Soul On: E” online concert in October last year and 756,000 for “Bang Bang Con: The Live” in June 2020, Bandwagon Asia reported. 

For the “Muster SoWoozoo 2021,” the septet performed at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul sans a live audience. Loud pre-recorded cheers from the BTS ARMY were played in selected parts of the concert that gave the feel of a live audience inside an actual concert.

Following the announcement of the group’s upcoming concert next month, fans immediately took to Twitter and voiced their anticipation for the event.

A fan boasted about having seen four online concerts of the group writing, “This is my 4th online concert with bts wbu?? ”

Another fan is excited about October being the birthday month of BTS member Jimin that coincides with “Permission To Dance On Stage.”

“October is going to be such a special month we’ve got Jimin day, in the soop, an online concert to look forward to… purple bloods we just don’t lose .”

Meanwhile, a fan wrote about a busy October in anticipation of the BTS-led reality show “In The Soop” and the online concert.

“We're already fully booked in October with In The Soop Season 2 and online concert "Permission To Dance On Stage," the fan wrote.

South Korean boy band BTS perform during the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards South Korean boy band BTS perform during the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards Photo: MTV / -