• "More" will release Friday
  • It is part of J-Hope's solo album, "Jack in the Box"
  • J-Hope will be the first among the seven BTS members to release a solo album

BTS' J-Hope has unveiled the teaser trailer of his first solo single, "More."

The 20-second trailer was released Wednesday on the official YouTube channel of BTS' music label, HYBE. It features a shiny key with the word "More" inscribed on it. At the end of the trailer, the 28-year-old rapper-dancer screams, "Cause I want some more!"

"More" is part of J-Hope's first solo album, "Jack in the Box." The single will release Friday, while the remaining tracks on the album will be out on July 15.

Fans were previously enraged after finding out that "Jack in the Box" was not actually a physical album but a digital one that can be bought from the Weverse Albums app.

Weverse is a Korean mobile app created and maintained by HYBE Corporation.

Since J-Hope's album would merely be a digital release, fans feared it might not get featured on Billboard charts.

"Jack in the box will be available on Weverse album so they only physical thing you actually get are the photocards in the little box, everything else is digital. Hybe has been doing this with their other groups lately!!" a fan tweeted.

"I have more questions, as doesn't seems there is a true physical album, just a package with a QC code, if that codes only takes you to Weverse Album then non of these preorders will count to our local charts. Meaning no BB charts. That means just like mixtapes," another person commented.

J-Hope will be the first among the seven BTS members to release a solo album following the band's decision to enter an "off-season" after nine years of performing together. HYBE clarified that the band was not disbanding after company shares plunged following the announcement earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Netflix recently earned the ire of loyal BTS supporters after tweeting a joke about the "hiatus" of different music groups and its effect on fans. The streaming platform tweeted on Tuesday, "Millennials going through the Destiny's Child 'hiatus.' Gen Z going through the One Direction 'hiatus.' Generation Alpha going through the BTS 'hiatus.'"

The tweet had a screenshot of an episode of "The Umbrella Academy" as one of the characters said, "The only thing we have in common is childhood trauma."

The joke was met with negative comments from BTS supporters, with one of them going as far as canceling their Netflix subscription to show displeasure.

J-Hope of BTS
J-Hope of "BTS" onstage at iHeartRadio LIVE with BTS presented by HOT TOPIC at iHeartRadio Theater on January 27, 2020 in Burbank, California. Kevin Winter/Getty Image