• A BTS fan group is demanding better treatment and management for Jimin from the K-pop band's agency
  • The fans claimed Big Hit Entertainment has not done enough to protect Jimin from online abuse
  • Big Hit Entertainment has yet to publicly comment on the fans' protest

Some fans of BTS member Jimin are not happy with how Big Hit Entertainment, the company that manages the K-pop band, has allegedly been treating the singer.

The fans who are upset over the alleged neglect and mismanagement of Jimin sent a protest truck to the building that houses Big Hit Entertainment in Seoul, South Korea, to voice their disappointment toward the agency. A fan group called Mochi Union is leading the protest and has shared pictures and videos of the truck on its Twitter page.

“Global fans of BTS’s Jimin love his unlimited talent and charms, and wants to see a variety of activities for him,” reads the message on the truck. The banner, meanwhile, says, “BigHit should stop its repression of BTS’s Jimin and not hide his good results.”

In a tweet, the fan union claimed that Big Hit has been preventing Jimin from rising and accused the company of not doing enough to protect him from malicious comments, online abuse and rumors.

"Big Hit Entertainment, as an artist's agency, has been extremely inefficient in dealing with Jimin's antis, has no planning for Jimin's career, and even hides Jimin's achievements in order to suppress him. Since there is a serious negligence of duty, we decide to make a truck protest," read the group's statement on Twitter.

They also detailed how the company allegedly failed Jimin.

"Jimin has been working hard on the stage and treating his fans with sincerity since his debut," the statement continued. "Big Hit, as Jimin's trusted agency and even trusted by Jimin as his family, ignores Jimin's antis and allows them to spread rumors about him. For a long time, antis keep harassing YouTubers who praise Jimin and journalists who report news about Jimin's excellent performance and achievements and even publicly starting a rumor about some authoritative lists and rankings such as Gallup."

The fan union demanded that Big Hit takes action and sues those who spread rumors on Jimin and post malicious comments about him. The group wants the company to protect his good name and human rights.

Jimin’s fan group has also requested that the agency take necessary measures to plan different individual activities for him that will help him better showcase his talent to the world.

The fan group said the truck will be stationed at the company between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. KST (8 p.m. and 4 a.m. EST).

Big Hit Entertainment has not publicly commented on the protest.

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