It is undeniable that BTS member Jungkook, 22, is one of the most popular K-pop stars today. In fact, the Busan-born idol has proven, time and again, that his influence runs far and wide by contributing to the success of many startup brands.

Photos of Jungkook at the airport as BTS flew off to Saudi Arabia for their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” tour made rounds online in September. At the time, members of the BTS ARMY, the group’s fandom, were quick to notice the singer’s tattoos on his hands. Upon closer look, his avid followers saw the ARMY symbol below the letter “Y” near his pinky finger.

Initially, fans thought that Jungkook’s tattoos were temporary. However, the fandom learned that the “ARMY” tattoo is still present on the singer’s fingers until now. Just recently, fans have seen even more tattoos on the “Boy With Luv” singer’s arms.

Members of the BTS ARMY fandom are speculating that Jungkook might have a "sleeve" tattoo soon. Yun_Q/Flickr

StyleCaster reported Jungkook has been keeping his new tattoos from the public. Despite this, eagle-eyed fans were able to notice it and were convinced he got it after the BTS’ performances in Saudi Arabia. The entertainment news publication shared some fans claimed they saw a skeleton hand making the “I Love You” symbol in sign language.

Others started speculating that Jungkook might consider getting a “sleeve” tattoo very soon. “OKAY SO THIS BITCH DOES HAVE ARM TATTOOS!!!! I SEE YOU JEON JUNGKOOK,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “do u ever just remember jungkook has at LEAST a half sleeve tattoo and like,,,, just D Word,” another follower said.

Meanwhile, All Kpop shared Jungkook created another buzz on social media after he shared a clip of his “Overwatch” game. Aside from his supporters, David Pei, a head coach of the Professional Overwatch team called Gladiators, praised the BTS member for his “insane” gaming skills. At the moment, the video has garnered a total of 4.54 million views already.

For starters, Jungkook made his showbiz debut as a vocalist and member of BTS in 2013. Under the multi-awarded group, Jungkook had two solo singles titled “Euphoria” and “Begin.” He was also credited as the main producer of two other BTS tracks called “Magic Shop” and “Love Is Not Over.”