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  • BTS' RM shared his recent personality test results on Instagram
  • ENFPs are warm people and natural-born leaders
  • RM's MBTI results stayed the same from BTS' "MBTI Lab" in 2022

BTS' RM has shared the results of his personality test.

On Thursday, RM – whose real name is Kim Nam-joon – took to Instagram Stories to share a screenshot of his Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test result, which showed that his personality type is ENFP-T.

According to an English translation posted by a BTS fan translation account, @btsbaragi_jk, his result indicates that the leader of BTS is extroverted (72%), intuitive (92%), a feeler (72%), an explorer (83%), and turbulent/sensitive (86%).

Simply Psychology describes ENFPs as people who "thrive on social engagement (Extraversion), lean towards visionary thinking and possibilities rather than concrete specifics (Intuition), prioritize personal values and emotional impact in their decision-making process (Feeling) and cherish flexibility and openness to new experiences (Perceiving)."

ENFPs are also often described as people who exude warmth, enthusiasm and creativity. They are passionate about their interests, values and ideas. They also have an innate ability to inspire and motivate other people.

Also known as campaigners, ENFPs are "natural-born leaders, standing up for what they believe in without hesitation or apology."

Since ENFPs radiate positivity that attracts people, their peers often look up to them as a leader or a guru.

Meanwhile, the "T" in RM's personality type means turbulent. According to 16 Personalities, turbulent campaigners tend to hang on to their mistakes longer than their assertive counterparts, allowing them to see and deal with problems assertive campaigners may overlook.

Turbulent campaigners are also likely to look for the approval of others, compared to their assertive counterparts who prefer independence from others' appraisal.

Turbulent campaigners (ENFP-T) are often restless, plagued by an unfulfilled yearning to bring their ideas to life, according to 16 Personalities.

Screenshot from 16 Personalities 16 Personalities

Whether assertive or turbulent, campaigners are free spirits with a deep desire to connect with others. They are outgoing, openhearted and open-minded.

Although ENFPs can be the life of the party, their personality runs deep, often longing for meaningful, emotional connections with other people.

With their introspection, they can't help but ponder the significance and deeper meaning of life, believing that everything and everyone is connected.

Other personalities who are campaigners like RM are Robert Downey, Jr., Robin Williams, Quentin Tarantino, Russell Brand, Kelly Clarkson, Will Smith, Meg Ryan and Ellen DeGeneres.

Screenshot from BTS (방탄소년단) MBTI Lab 1 BANGTANTV/YouTube

In May 2022, two episodes of "BTS MBTI Lab" were uploaded on BTS' BANGTANTV on YouTube. During the first episode, the seven members answered tests to determine their MBTI types. RM's results at the time also showed that he is an ENFP.

RM as an ENFP was described as passionate, warm, imaginative, confident, proactive and flexible.

The other members' MBTI results then were: Jungkook and Jin (INTP), Suga (ISTP), Jimin (ESTP), V (INFP) and J-Hope (INFJ).

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