BTS' Jungkook gave a powerful performance of his new song, "Dreamers," at this year's FIFA World Cup opening ceremony in Qatar on Sunday.

The 25-year-old K-pop superstar subsequently made history as the first South Korean star to perform at the FIFA World Cup.

Once again, the boy band's youngest member trended on Twitter as fans praised his performance at Qatar's Al Bayt Stadium.

"YOU ARE BORN TO BE ON STAGE," one fan wrote alongside a snap of Jungkook at the performance.

One supporter praised "JUNGKOOK'S CONFIDENCE AND STAGE PRESENCE!" while another said, "the world was going so good, then u were born."

Another fan shared an excerpt from a news article describing the moment Jungkook appeared on stage: "While each performance was met with roaring applause from the 60,000 fans at the stadium, the noise reached a crescendo when South Korean superstar Jung Kook took to center stage and performed."

"Jungkook is the First Artist in History to have an Official Solo Track for the World Cup since Ricky Martin in 1998," a fan also tweeted.

Some even compared Jungkook to the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

"I've been a MJ fan since 1990, now I am an ARMY! I will tell You that I fell in love with Jungkook because he gives me the same vibes as MJ did when I was younger. Humble, kind-hearted, warm and innocent personality," a Twitter user wrote.

Qatari singer Fahad Al Kubaisi, who joined Jungkook on stage Sunday, wrote, "I can't express my gratitude and happiness for my participation in the biggest event of all times the World Cup in my country #Qatar with the talented Jungkook, thank you for everything."

FIFA World Cup's official Twitter account was also in awe of the "Dreamers" performance and tweeted, "What a performance, Jung Kook!"

However, some were unhappy with Jungkook's participation at the event, citing Qatar's human rights record.

"okay I LOVE BTS but why does no one understand that we should not be like OMG JUNG KOOK SO PROUD but that we should be angry that BTS takes part in a World Cup everyone knows has violated human rights...promoting the World Cup in Qatar sucks, don't pretend like it doesn't," a BTS supporter said.

Another person replied, "So disappointing. I feel like I need to reevaluate my feelings towards BTS."

Several celebrities previously spoke against the Qatar World Cup, noting the country's human rights violations and harsh laws against members of the LGBT community. Some of the celebrities who spoke against the event include Dua Lipa and British comedian Joe Lycett, with the latter even trying to persuade David Beckham to turn away from his role as ambassador for the marquee event.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Preview