• The Buckingham Palace cut 380 jobs as it remains closed this summer
  • The move is to ensure safety and health of guests and staff 
  • Queen Elizabeth is isolating at Windsor Castle 

The Buckingham Palace laid off 380 workers who were supposed to work in summer because it will remain closed to tourists in the following months.

“The roles were for around 380 temporary summer staff on three-month contracts. They were recruited earlier this year for the Buckingham Palace opening, which now isn’t going ahead,” a Royal Collection spokesperson told People.

These employees applied for guides and help staff positions during the summer exhibit of the Buckingham Palace from July to October. However, it announced that it will not open as a precaution and for everyone’s safety.

The Buckingham Palace workers were told that they can carry the offer next year. This comes days after it announced the closure of its grounds and historic buildings for the wellbeing and safety of guests and staff.

Prince Charles and Camila’s residence, Clarence House, as well as the Frogmore House, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding reception venue will also be closed this summer. The Buckingham Palace first allowed visitors to have a glimpse of the official primary residence of Queen Elizabeth II 27 years ago.

This was after a fire ravaged a huge part of the Windsor Castle in 1992, destroying 115 rooms and incurring $65 million in damages. Because of the massive destruction, repair proved to be costly, which ignited a debate as to who should shoulder the expenses, the British taxpayers or the royal family.

Eventually, Queen Elizabeth decided to open Buckingham Palace to guests to raise funds for the castle’s renovation. This year, however, the monarch has opted to stay at Windsor Castle to isolate her with her 98-year-old husband, Prince Philip.

In ordinary days, the Queen should be back to the Buckingham Palace but there is no use to go back to her home because many plans, including the summer exhibit, have been canceled. Then, she would travel to Balmoral for a break.

The absence from work marks the longest in her 68 years of reigning, Deadline reported. The 94-year-old last attended the Commonwealth Day in March, which was also the last for Markle and Prince Harry as official senior members of the royal family.

People outside Buckingham Palace react to Prince Harry and Meghan's decision to stand down as 'senior royals'. People outside Buckingham Palace react to Prince Harry and Meghan's decision to stand down as 'senior royals'. Photo: AFPTV / Katharyn GILLAM