Better grab some tissues because Budweiser’s 2015 Super Bowl XLIX ad will have even the toughest of fans tearing up when the heart-melting commercial airs Sunday, Feb. 2. Following the same theme of last year’s ad titled “Puppy Love,” the beverage company’s newest commercial will once again star the adorable pup, the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales and the twosome’s endearing friendship.

The new ad will take things up a notch on the emotional scale as the puppy goes missing in the sequel to last year’s Super Bowl commercial. The minute-long Budweiser ad kicks off with the little dog embarking on a new journey after the pup accidentally climbs into the back of a horse trailer.

As a slowed-down version of The Proclaimer’s hit single, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” soundtracks the adventure, viewers watch as the puppy attempts to make his way back home. The dog’s best friend (the Clydesdale) quickly senses that something’s not right on the farm, which brings the pup’s disappearance to the owner’s attention.

While the owner posts “Lost Dog” signs around town, the dog is forced to face brutal elements as he make his way back to the barn. At this point, the Clydesdale is completely inconsolable. The owner empathizes with his horse and in a touching moment, rests his head on his four-legged friend.

But not all is lost! At that moment, the pup (who is now covered in mud from his wild trek) sees the light glowing from his home. In excitement, the dog lets out a victorious bark. But the sound attracts a big, bad wolf with teeth snarling. This leads to a standoff between the two furry animals. But little does the pup know his best friend and his team of Clydesdales have his back, which results in the wolf running off in the opposite direction.

As day breaks, the animals return back to the barn with the little puppy leading the pack. The owner spots the adorable sight from his window and quickly cleans his puppy off. Soon all three are back in the barn celebrating their complete family with a Budweiser brew.

What did you think of the heartwarming commercial? Let us know in the comments section below your thoughts of Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad, “Lost Dog,” and make sure to tune in to the 2015 game when Super Bowl XLIX airs Sunday, Feb. 1 on NBC.