Two people were killed in India after the bulldozer tire they were trying to fill with air suddenly exploded. The incident was caught on CCTV and the footage has since been doing rounds online.

The explosion took place in the Siltara Industrial Area in Raipur in the central Indian state of Chattisgarh Tuesday, Republic TV reported. In the now-viral video, a worker can be seen pumping air into the tire of the bulldozer, which is parked inside a garage. Another worker comes close to it to check the air pressure. A few moments later, a powerful explosion occurs and the two men are thrown into the air.

Warning: This video might be disturbing to some viewers

The video then shows two people being blown into pieces as the explosion takes place. Some parts of their bodies are later seen scattered across the area of the explosion that reportedly sent the tire flying into the air.

The deceased workers have been identified as Rajpal and Pranjan. Both the workers who lost their lives were reportedly from Madhya Pradesh's Rewa district.

Other employees were also reportedly present at the garage at the time of the explosion. Their conditions weren't immediately known.

Local officials told Republic TV that an investigation into the incident is underway. Officials are trying to ascertain whether the tire was already damaged prior to the explosion or if the accident occurred due to overfilling of air into the tire. The investigating agency is also in contact with the construction vehicle's owner who will be questioned during the investigation.

Damaged tires are prone to an explosion while getting pumped with air, leading to dangerous consequences. Every year, dozens of people suffer serious injuries or even get killed due to tire explosions, Insider reported.

The outlet spoke to Doug Shupe, manager of Corporate Communications & Programs at Automobile Club of Southern California, who said it's extremely crucial to inspect the tire for any wear and tear and check if there are any nails lodged into it before filling it with air. Though most injuries occur at repair shops, Shupe recommended installing a tire cage before filling the air to prevent such horrific explosions.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / ArtisticOperations