Friday singer Rebecca Black may be dubbed the world's worst singer but within 4 days of release, her second single My Moment has attracted more than 12 million page views on YouTube. Similar to her debut single, My Moment has earned the reputation of a song people would love to hate.

Though Black hasn't been able to overcome her very high negative to positive vote ratio, not only My Moment official video but even Behind The Scenes - My Moment video is on top of YouTube trends.

My Moment dance moves, which were choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance (Season 3)'s Lauren Gottlieb, were appreciated by viewers.

In the Behind the Scenes video Black says: It was cool to get back into dancing because I am a dancer.

Despite the negative popularity, Black seemed to be enjoying the celebrity status. To see yourself on TV where everybody is watching and to see yourself in magazines like People, it's just so unexplainable...I am a 13 year old girl from Orange County who likes musical theatre, it's just so weird... but it's so cool, she said.

Friday received heavy criticism for its monotonous lyrics and heavy use of auto-tune. Though she is back with a new video ending the speculation that she was done for, Black hinted at how she felt about the comments on her debut. For anyone who's been bullied or is being bullied right now, I've been there and I know how they feel...People will say, it doesn't bother me, no, it sucks.

However, Black sounded unfazed about all the voting downs, So if you put up a video, saying that you want to be a singer and then you sing a song and if you're amazing or if you're not so amazing, I mean whatever those people say if you really want to be singer then be a singer. Just don't let them stop you.

My Moment also has better lyrics seemingly hinting at the discouraging reception of Friday, Weren't you the one who said that I would be nothing, Well, I'm about to prove you wrong.