Millions of Americans have learned a difficult lesson over the past few months: eliminating the workplace hasn't eliminated stress. If anything, it may be even worse than before.

In a recent survey, 51 percent of Americans admitted to experiencing burnout while working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. The line between work and home effectively gone, all of the stressors from work and home have been thrown into the same space. Coupled with the added anxiety of not knowing when and if WFH will end, employees are having a tough time learning to navigate a stressful new normal.

Fortunately, there's a natural, free stress reliever you can take anywhere and anytime that'll have your endorphin levels soaring and improve your sleep--it's called exercise! That's right: any form of exercise, from high-powered aerobics to the soothing inhales of yoga, can act as a stress reliever.

For those who think that starting new workouts and meal plans seem overwhelming, you'll be relieved to know that there's an app for that. For $39.99, a lifetime subscription to the BetterMe Home Workout & Diet app will keep stress at bay and have you at your healthiest during WFH and beyond.

After the radical adaptations, WFH employees have made over the past few months, BetterMe users can finally have a health plan that adapts to their goals and needs. Simply input your information and your workout goals and watch in real-time as an Ideal Body Program is generated to suit your preferences. Want to focus on one muscle group or lose weight fast in a specific area? Personalized workout videos show you exactly how to make it happen.

Developed with food and health scientists, the app also features a diet program that helps you to track what you eat, suggesting meal plans and recipes featuring your favorite foods. The app also lets you track your water intake, which is especially important to replenish the body's nutrients after exercise.

A BetterMe subscription also comes with a personal coach that will professionally guide you along your health journey, as well as a community of articles, tips, and tricks to help you build your best life.

You can't control all the newfound stresses in your home-turned-office--but you can turn your new workspace into a workout space during much-needed breaks. BetterMe offers a one-year subscription for $19.99 and a three-year subscription for $29.99--but a lifetime of BetterMe at $39.99 is the best way to beat stress in the years to come.

Price subject to change.