Man charged for putting semen in co-worker's water bottle
A man was charged with battery and attempted vandalism for harassing a woman co-worker by ejaculating into her water bottles in Palmdale, California, Nov. 17, 2017. A man stands next to a table with a bottle of water during the 'cucana', a game wherein participants must walk across a greasy pole, during the La Vela de Triana, a traditional summer fair, along the Guadalquivir river in Sevilla, on July 22, 2011. CRISTINA QUICLER/AFP/Getty Images

A California man was charged with battery and attempted vandalism for allegedly harassing a woman co-worker by ejaculating into her water bottles, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Stevens Millancastro of Palmdale — who is also known by the name Stevens Milla — reportedly harassed his unnamed co-worker at their office in La Palma office. He also put semen in a food jar and the computer mouse used by the co-worker, according to the office of the Orange County District Attorney (DA).

Millancastro had worked with the victim since 2014, the DA’s office said, according to the Orange County Register.
"Two times between November and December 2016, the defendant is accused of masturbating at their office in La Palma and putting his semen in the victim's honey jar," prosecutors said in a statement reported by ABC affiliate KABC. Prosecutors referred to the woman as “Jane Doe.”

"Between Nov. 24, 2016, and Jan. 13, 2017, Jane Doe consumed the contaminated honey approximately every other day without knowing it contained the defendant's semen," they said.

He allegedly ejaculated into the victim’s water bottle on two separate occasions. She discarded the contents after noticing the water was not clear.

When she saw the water seemed unclean for a third time Jan. 9, she reported the incident to her supervisor. A surveillance camera was then installed in her office and Millancastro was allegedly recorded on video “going into the victim’s office prior” to the next incident when semen was found smeared on her computer mouse.

Millancastro was charged with not just two misdemeanor counts of battery and three misdemeanor counts of attempted vandalism, there is also expected to be a sentencing enhancement for committing crimes for the purpose of sexual gratification.

Los Angeles Times said Millancastro was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday. He faces two years and six months in county jail and could be required to register as a sex offender for life.

In a similar incident in 2011, a Fullerton, California, man was given six months jail time for putting semen into an unsuspecting female co-worker’s water bottle twice.

At the time, the offender, Michael Kevin, told detectives he put his semen in the water bottle because “her lips had touched it,” CBS News affiliate CBSLA reported at the time.

The victim testified in the hearing she left her water bottle at work on a Friday in January 2010, while she was working in Newport Beach. When she returned Monday and drank from the bottle, she noticed a foul taste that seemed like semen. She tasted semen once again in her water on April 6, 2010, following which she took the bottle to a laboratory to have it tested. Orange detectives questioned the company’s employees, when the test proved there was semen in the water.

In the ruling, the judges said “placing semen in another person’s water bottle from which that person later drank constitutes physical contact and amounts to the ‘use of force or violence’ as contemplated by (the law).”