• A man from California claimed he can summon and reach out to UFOs and has experience interacting with Big Foot
  • Robert Bingham hoped to share his gift with the public by uploading videos of his summons on YouTube
  • The Pentagon recently released its report on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP)

A man from Pasadena, California, has claimed that he can summon and interact with unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Robert Bingham said he has a special gift that allows him to interact with UFOs. Describing himself as a "summoner," he claimed that he has experience in dealing with otherworldly creatures such as Big Foot and ghosts, Reuters reported.

"My name is Robert Bingham and what I do is I'm a summoner. I bring in UFOs and I interact with the UFOs and I interact with Big Foot, I interact with ghosts, but mostly UFOs," he told the outlet.

Bingham claimed that he had his first experience with UFOs about 20 years ago and has since been reaching out to the objects telepathically.

"What I do for the summoning techniques is I look into a blue sky, a blank sky blue and I just concentrate on one little spot of that blue sky and concentrate and I telepathically tell them to arrive, like I'm doing now," he explained.

Bingham decided to share his gift with the public and has since started a YouTube channel where he uploads videos of his summons. For Bingham, everything people are seeking is already within them. According to him, people need only look within themselves to find the answers they are seeking in life.

When asked whether he worries if people would doubt his sanity, Bingham replied, "If I've got it, I say it. I don't hold back and say 'Oh they're going to think I'm crazy. I say it. And the government believes me. Believe me, they believe me. That's why they're coming out with that stuff now."

Bingham is just one of the many people fascinated with UFOs. This interest may have recently increased with the release of the Pentagon's report on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) last week.

The report detailed 144 reports of UAPs from government sources since 2004, including 18 incidents involving "unusual UAP movement patterns or flight characteristics." According to analysts, only one of the incidents, a large balloon deflating, could be explained.

Colonel John B. Alexander, who developed an interagency task force to explore UFOs while in the U.S. Army in the 1980s, suggested that technology today may not yet be advanced enough to provide an explanation for these phenomena.

"Whatever this is, it is more complex than we can possibly imagine," Alexander told Fox News. "We're not at the point of even asking the right questions, much less expecting simple answers."

Alexander said he believes that at this point, humans do not have the ability yet to fully explain the phenomena that occur around UFO sightings.

Astronomer Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute shared Alexander's opinion, saying that humans will have better luck in exploring stars than in finding aliens.

"We're not looking for them a couple of miles up. We're looking for them lightyears away," Shostak said. "We look at star systems, other suns that are relatively nearby, that are either known to have planets and maybe planets like earth."

An image from of US military pilot's sighting of an "unidentified aerial phenomena" that some think is evidence of UFOs
An image from of US military pilot's sighting of an "unidentified aerial phenomena" that some think is evidence of UFOs DoD / Handout