Cameron Diaz has been on the press junket for her new movie 'Bad Teacher' (in theaters June 24) and she's been looking good. Cameron's had on an ecclectic mix of outfits from one-piece jumpsuits to short skirts, to belted rompers.

'Bad Teacher' is about a teach who, as the movie's tagline says, 'doesn't give an F. Diaz plays a teacher who swears, drinks and gets high on the job waiting to marry a rich guy so she doesn't have to work anymore. She tries to snag a hot (and presumably rich) substitute Played by Justin Timberlake (Diaz's real life ex-boyfriend) while she's being pursued by the gym teacher (Jason Segel) who she couldn't care less about.

The film revolves arounf the idea that the teacher whose class scores the highest on a test get a bonus and Diaz wants it, so she begins using unorthodox teaching strategies to win (throwing dodge balls at students who get the answer wrong).

And while we don't know the ending we're willing to bet that Diaz ends up actually liking her students and being a teacher as is the purpose of these romantic comedies. We hope she ends up with Justin Timberlake's character only for the awkward on-screen kiss between exes, though in real life, we'd pick Jason Segel over JT any day.