Camilla Parker Bowles is partly to blame why Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are not princesses.

Many are wondering why the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex aren’t princesses when their husbands are princes.  According to Amanda Harding, the Duchess of Cornwall has something to do with it “indirectly.”

Camilla is technically the Princess of Wales because she is married to Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. However, she declined to use the title and opted to be called Duchess of Cornwall instead, because the former honor is still strongly associated with Princess Diana. Since Camilla isn’t addressed as “princess,” Middleton and Markle are also not given the same title even if the Queen can bestow them these honors.

“That’s why it’s Duchesses throughout the Royal Family – because she [Camilla] is a Duchess,” historian Kate Williams told Yahoo’s “The Royal Box” on why Camilla, Middleton and Markle are all called “duchesses” and not “princesses.”

“Had the Queen not conferred the wedding day dukedoms on William and Harry, their wives would have been known as Princess William of Wales and Princess Henry of Wales in the same way Baroness Marie Christine von Reibnitz became Princess Michael of Kent upon her 1978 marriage to Prince Michael,” royal expert Victoria Arbiter added.

Again, although Camilla is partly to blame, the final say about Markle and Middleton’s titles depends on Queen Elizabeth II. If the monarch wants Prince William and Prince Harry’s wives to be princesses, she could do so.

“The only person able to implement revisions or bestow titles is the sovereign,” Arbiter continued. “Should the Queen choose to do either, her decrees are based on a number of factors including changes that have been made to existing royal rules, long-standing tradition and the examples set by kings and queens who have gone before her.”

At present, even if Middleton and Markle aren’t addressed as princesses just like Camilla, they are technically princesses because of their husbands. When Prince Charles becomes the new king, Camilla will be the new queen consort, and Middleton will be the new Princess of Wales.