Camilla Parker-Bowles was trapped by antiquated values in the past, just like Princess Diana.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s romance started years before they married their ex-spouses Princess Diana and Andre Parker Bowles, respectively. However, they rekindled their romance later on.

According to Robert Lacy on Netflix’s documentary “The Story of Diana,” Prince Charles and Camilla had a passionate romance but were prohibited from marrying each other because the future king could not marry a woman who had been in previous relationships. Their relationship was cut short and Camilla went on and married her first husband.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles met Princess Diana who was seen as the perfect virginal bride for the heir. The royal family encouraged the match. In fact, it was reported that Prince Philip gave his son, Prince Charles, an ultimatum to propose to Princess Diana.

“I actually feel quite sorry for Camilla,” the royal historian said. “Just as Diana was caught by antiquated values, so Camilla was also trapped.”

Although Prince Charles was romantically involved with Princess Diana, Lacey stressed that Camilla’s shadow was there all the time. In 1980, the Duchess of Cornwall and Princess of Wales were photographed at the Ludlow races together a year before Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married.

Lacey described Princess Diana and Camilla’s picture as a “very sad photograph.” According to him, while looking at the picture, he couldn’t stop but wonder what the two women were thinking. He added that at the time, Camilla was already Prince Charles’ mistress and Princess Diana was about to discover their affair.

“When you see that, I certainly feel pity for Diana, because she’s about to get involved in a big game that she didn’t know half the details of at that stage,” Lacey added.

Lacey said in the “Princes Of The Palace” documentary that if someone was to blame for Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ failed marriage it should be the latter. The royal historian explained that the Prince of Wales was already emotionally committed to another woman [Camilla] when he married Princess Diana.