• Right-wing media mogul, Trump break up
  • Question the president, lose a friend
  • Angering Drudge could backfire on Trump

Critics hope it is a chink in Donald Trump's reelection armor. The president and his supporters say it is nothing new. The soured relationship between conservative news aggreator Matt Drudge and the president was evident again when Trump tweeted that he had given up on Drudge long ago.

Apparently something Drudge chose to reprint upset the chief executive. Washington Post reporter Paul Farhi suspects it might have been the Drudge Report headline "No peak yet" about a story citing deaths related to coronavirus in the US reaching a single-day high last week.

The Post ran Farhi's article on the front page of Tuesday's Style section.

"Trump seems to be a bit frantic about the way the pandemic is being perceived," Tom Rosenthal, executive director the American Press Institute, was quoted saying in the Post. Trump "wants to seperate his supporters from what Drudge readers are seeing and reading."

Farhi suggests the loss of a conservative news organ in an election year will hurt the president more than the Drudge Report website.

"Without Drudge's support, Trump would lose a powerful ally when he most needs him, during his campagin for reelection this year," Farhi wrote.

The rift may have begun two years ago when Drudge expressed some independence in how he covered the impeachment trial. One Drudge headline at the time was "America braces for impeachment." Trump expected "friendly media" to defend him, according to Fahri.

When the Drudge Report resurfaced a false report that former President Bill Clinton had fathered a child with another woman in September and October of 2016, Trump had no problems with that. Of course, Trump was trailing in the polls to the then Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at the time – weeks before the 2016 general election.