Candace Owens fired off a series of tweets on Thursday targeting the left after she was denied an appointment at a COVID-19 testing clinic over spreading misinformation amid the pandemic.

Owens’ name became a trending topic on Twitter after she shared an email from the owner of the private clinic explaining why she chose to refuse the booking.

“We cannot support anyone who has pro-actively worked to make this pandemic worse by spreading misinformation, politicizing and DISCOURAGING the wearing of masks and actively dissuading people from receiving life-saving vaccinations,” the owner wrote.

Owens began trending on the social media platform, with people calling her out for trying to get a COVID-19 test after downplaying the effectiveness of the vaccine and describing it as “the greatest political scam.”

As a result, Owens began defending her anti-vax views and demanded the left change guidelines for unvaccinated people. “If you don’t want conservatives to be able to test because of our viewpoints then STOP MANDATING the test, you imbeciles,” Owens tweeted.

“I am healthy. I do not want to play the idiotic covid test game anymore. You don’t want me there, and I don’t want to be there so END the mandates.”

Owens went on attack the left for requiring COVID-19 testing for people to travel and work.

“The Left wants to MANDATE that the unvaccinated keep getting tests. Then when we comply with their MANDATES, they want the right to decline us. I cannot comprehend this level of circular stupidity,” she tweeted.

Throughout her Twitter rant, Owens has received some support from conservative Lauren Boebart and journalist Jason Whitlock.

Candace Owens Commentator Candace Owens speaks during CPAC 2019 in National Harbor, Maryland, March 1, 2019. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images