The 64th Cannes Film Festival has come to an end, and we have selected some of our favorite and most memorable images from the festival.

The Festival kicked off with an opening ceremony where the Jury president Robert De Niro was praised by the Mistress of Ceremonies, Mélanie Laurent.

I stand before you tonight, and seen from here, the cinema is a magical thing, said Laurent.

When you look up the word 'actor' in the dictionary, you find 'Robert de Niro' written there, Take a look for yourselves.

Following these words, the screen of the Grand Theatre Lumiere began a montage of De Niro's finest film moments (see video below).

After Sunday's closing ceremony, the award winners held a short press conference.

Bill Pohlad, producer of, The Tree of Life, which won Palme d'Or, stated: I spoke to Terry [the film's director] today. He was excited, but he's a very humble and very shy person. He doesn't want to play the part of celebrity. He doesn't want to turn into a celebrity.

Kirsten Dunst who won for her role in Melancholia, said: What a week! My thanks to the Jury, this is a real honor. I'm grateful to the Festival for keeping the film in Competition. And I'm grateful to Lars Von Trier for letting me play the role with such freedom.

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