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Captain Marvel's new makeover Marvel

Captain Marvel has gotten a makeover and may now be ready to stand alongside Spider-Man and Captain America as one of Marvel's best characters, USA Today reports. She is now the superheroine formally known as Ms. Marvel.

She's a gorgeous, totemic, statuesque, powerful blonde who shares the name of the company. I think she'll do all right, says Kelly Sue DeConnick, the writer of the new Captain Marvel series debuting Wednesday online and in comics shops.

The Avenger is getting an entire makeover, USA Today reports. She's getting a new costume, hairstyle, name and rank, in addition to her personality being boosted in the book illustrated by Dexter Soy.

He has this side-of-a-van, Led Zeppelin style. It's great, DeConnick said.

DeConnick pointed out an image of Captain Marvel in the second issue of the Marvel comics. She is standing next to a plane and wearing casual clothing, jeans, a white T-shirt and a star-spangled belt buckle with her hip slightly to the side. She looks at once stunningly beautiful and like she could deck a Mack truck.

DeConnick wrote the Osborn: Evil Incarcerated miniseries and co-wrote two Castle graphic novels with Brian Michael Bendis, but the Captain Marvel book is her big break, USA Today said.

It feels like leveling up, she said referring to her Marvel title. Maybe not quite sitting at the big kids' table but inching closer.

The editor of Marvel, Stephen Wacker, was looking for a way to create a Captain Marvel book while seeking the right spot for DeConnick. Fortunately for DeConnick, she had the right perspective on the character that Wacker was looking for and there was an open slot at Marvel, USA Today said.

The Captain Marvel book is mostly about Carol Danvers being an Air Force pilot and a soldier, but it also centers around the superhero being grounded in her relationships and values.

DeConnick said the first six issues were about time travel and about the shoulders on which she stands - what it means for her to take this new mantle, and the direction we're going with her personality.

She also explained that she found Captain Marvel hard to like when she was first created in the 1970s and was rounding up her own friends to be arrested.

It's hard to get in line to be like, 'Woo hoo!' What we're trying to do is nudge her back to her swagger, get her back to her hungry place, and you can't do that like a needle scratch. It's got to be done kind of gently, DeConnick said.

DeConnick also touched on Captain Marvel's old uniform, which was rather revealing.

You can be sexy without being oversexualized, she said. She's hot as hell, but I don't think she has to have her butt cheeks hanging out to do that.

Fixing the uniform, a strong personality and a name change could all help Captain Marvel become the next big superhero, Wacker said.

It sounds like a main character, he revealed. There's no reason Captain Marvel can't be a woman, and I'm not going to rest until this character has a movie.

Captain Marvel isn't the only superhero to undergo some changes, and Flavor Wire listed others who also experienced changes in their get up.

1. DC Comics gave Wonder Woman a makeover in 2010 in an attempt to end the stereotypical portrayal of women in most comic books: low-cut tops and legs exposed. Wonder Woman ditched her former getup for a jeans, belt and a jacket, quite drastic from what she had warn for 69 years, Flavor Wire reported.

2. Storm, who is one of X-Men's most powerful mutants, similarly was exposed as Wonder Woman was. In an attempt to keep her powerful yet sexy she was turned punk, with a Mohawk and leather jacket.

3. Spider-Man got a pretty drastic costume change when he went from a red and blue suit to an all black uniform.

4. Iron Man got an upgrade when he went from having iron armor to a sleek and supple suit.

5. Superman may have gotten the most drastic makeover of all. He no longer dons his signature red cap or Superman symbol on his chest.

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