A car crashed into Enzo's Ristorante, a popular Italian restaurant on Mamaroneck Avenue, New York, on Sunday, injuring multiple diners and forcing a section of the road to the close as a result.

“It's a popular restaurant. ... People are taken to the hospital," mayor of Mamaroneck, Tom Murphy, told USA Today affiliated lohud. "It's still a developing situation.”

Murphy, who was dining at another restaurant across the street, rushed to the scene shortly after the incident, which took place a little before 8 p.m. EDT, said that people who were injured were taken to a nearby hospital. He did not provide a count of the injured.

He added that the car had left a hole in a couple of French doors in front of the restaurant.

"It's the strangest thing. The car is facing outward,” Murphy said. "It's one of those things. How did this physically happen? I can't wrap my mind around it,"

Mamaroneck Police told CBS New York that three of the people injured were in a critical condition. The driver was among the injured. The Westchester County Police Accident Investigation Unit was also at the site to aid in the investigation.

Juan Flores, 34, who worked in a nearby Mexican restaurant and witnessed the incident said he saw a red car backing into the restaurant, shattering the glass doors of the facility in the process.

"The car was trying to get out of the parking lot," Flores said in Spanish, translated by his wife, Tannya Flores. "The person (who's driving the car), instead of stopping the car, accelerated the car and went into the restaurant."

“It spun around...happened so fast," another eyewitness, Elsa Brewer, told ABC7 New York.

According to the surveillance footage, moments before the car crashed into the restaurant, it was seen backing out of a parking spot for handicapped. In the process of backing out, it clipped a white vehicle waiting in the traffic line and sped off in reverse. After a few seconds, the car ended up crashing into the restaurant.

The white car was being driven by Marlyn Teran at the time when she was clipped from behind. She said she had no clue how the car managed to crash into the restaurant. Teran was taken away to receive medical attention.

Investigators do not suspect any terrorist involvement in the incident. 

In a similar instance, a car plowed into the Deset Ethiopian Restaurant on 6148 Georgia Avenue, Washington D.C., on Sunday. Four people were injured and were admitted to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The cause of the crash was being investigated, ABC affiliated WJLA reported.