Mike Carbonaro
Michael Carbonaro, pictured at the Turner Upfront 2015 in New York City on May 13, responded to critics of his magic truTV show. Getty Images

Michael Carbonaro has wowed audiences with his mind-bending tricks for almost two years on truTV's “The Carbonaro Effect,” but is it all fake?

The magician responded to criticism of his hidden camera prank show on Monday by posting an unedited video of one of his performances for the series. The 33-year-old said he’s aware some viewers may think his illusions are done in front of hired actors and that multiple takes of each trick are shot, but claims that's not the case.

In one scene from his show, Carbonaro poses as a mail room worker and tricks a woman into believing a bowling ball was shipped in a flat and seemingly empty box. In his video Carbonaro showed raw footage from the shoot. “I did the trick two times in front of the same lady,” he explained, saying he had to do the trick a second time because wasn’t looking for the first time around. “Look! She didn’t see it! I reset it,” he says.

Watch the video Carbonaro responded to below:

Following one fan’s apology, Carbonaro wrote on Twitter that he’s understanding of the skeptics. “If anything this was really very positive,” he said. “I understand why people are skeptical.” Carbonaro later told a different fan that he’s open to the idea of doing an Reddit AMA in the future.

This isn’t the first time Carbonaro has discussed his show’s authenticity. In an interview with The Interro Bang in July, he confirmed his series uses “100% unsuspecting” participants. Due to the show’s tight filming schedule, he said each of his tricks are only used a handful of times.

“If the trick is really great, the silly story that I tell along with it is really great and the person that I am lucky enough to have wander into this scenario is also an awesome person; if those three things are lined up, it’s golden,” he said.

“The Carbonaro Effect” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on truTV.